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Noodle Slurping became the Hot Topic in Japan

Noodle  slurping, a practice common among the Japanese has received more attention on Japanese TV after concerns were raised that it might disturb tourists during the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

A Japanese morning show ran a segment that described noodle slurping as ‘nuuhara’, a contraction of nuudoru harasomento, meaning ‘noodle harrassment’ in Japanese. The segment shows foreign tourists complaining about the slurping, likening it to the sounds a pig would make, and others liken it to toilet flushing.

After the segment on the morning show, ‘nuuhara’ became the talk of the day, and a few other Japanese TV shows also attracted attention to the issue.

The phenomenon then became the hot topic on social media in Japan, many Twitter users commenting that the new generation’s attitudes to food culture has been changing, with less and less young people doing the now contested ‘noodle slurping.’ Others supported noodle slurping, arguing that people should be able to eat however they like, and that every country have their own food culture and traditions.


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