Persona 5 S Switch edition divides the Persona community

Persona 5, a role playing turned based game that first appeared on the Playstation consoles is making an appearance on Nintendo Switch, however, its appearance is already met with suspicion and surprise by gamers. The reason is that the Switch version appears to be the ultimate version, dubbed the Royal Edition.

The Royal Edition has a completely new character, new storylines, some new features such as the grappling hook that can be used while traversing the overworld, and possibly new soundtracks. Given the fact that Persona 4 had enhanced editions that added tens of hours of new gameplay, the Persona 5 Royal Edition is set to add a lot to the base game.

However, this is the point that divides the gaming community, as these enhancements are only announced for the Switch, with no mention of any upgrade patch for the PS4. Since the game was a Playstation exclusive, this even angered some players, who felt cheated.

The coming days will show us whether the rumours are true and that the Royal Edition is Switch exclusive, in which case Persona developers can expect some serious backlash from hardcore fans of the franchise.


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