Fallout 4 overhaul: post-apocalyptic game receives anime treatment

Fallout 4 received a new mod which turns the protagonist and every NPC into anime characters, courtesy of a Japanese modder. The results are extremely pleasing, with even some anime lip syncing, meaning that the characters’ mouths simply move as the voiceover in Japanese is heard.

Yes, it definitely helps that the mod uses the Japanese voiceover of the game, which apparently is from the Japanese version of the game. The anime mod, developed by Hiyokomod, definitely provides the game with some much-needed charm, in an otherwise bleak and gloomy environment of the Fallout series.

While Bethesda games are no stranger to mods: Skryrim and Fallout 4, both acclaimed Bethesda titles, receive mods from creators almost on a daily basis, despite the fact that it has been years since these games came out. However, this is something that feels novel and fresh, given how much it changes the atmosphere of the game. The mod is available to download over at Nexus mods for PC players.


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