The Future of Virtual Reality in Gaming Look Promising with VR support for PS5

The Playstation VR was initially viewed by gamers as an interesting gimmick, albeit an expensive one. With tech demos and short experiences being the norm initially, this opinion did not change for some time.

 However, with games like Resident Evil: Biohazard and Skyrim having complete VR versions, this view started to change. The announcement by Sony that their upcoming console will have further support for PSVR consolidated the opinion that Virtual Reality is not going anywhere.

In fact, some analysts argue that with more VR quality of life improvements for the next Sony console, such as a wireless headset with headphones built in, VR could very well become the centre of console gaming in the near future.  

With games like Moss, a VR exclusive for the PS4, it appears that we will get more games that are for the VR only, which may garner more interest in PSVR, which saw mostly VR enhanced games of already existing PS4 games. Therefore, the future looks promising for PSVR and Virtual Reality gaming in general.


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