Sonic the Hedgehog character design will be changed for the latest film after fan backlash

The soon to be released Sonic the Hedgehog film’s developers surprisingly announced that due to fan criticism they will edit and change the furry protagonist’s looks for the film’s release. This announcement surprised and delighted fans who are now curious as to how the final look of Sonic will be in the film.

After the first trailer of the film was released, fans had criticised particularly the eyes and mouth of Sonic that appeared in the trailer. While Sonic’s eyes had shrunk considerably in the trailer, his mouth was also smaller, which made the film’s version of Sonic look completely different from the original. After the release of the trailer, critics, long time fans of the franchise and film reviewers therefore harshly criticized the trailer and demanded that Sonic’s looks were modified again to look closer to his original appearance.

It seems the film makers and SEGA have listened to the criticism as it has been announced that Sonic’s looks will now be changed in accordance with the fan expectations. However, Sonic fans will still need to wait for the film’s release to see whether the final version of Sonic will meet their expectations.


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