Final Fantasy X and X-2 Remastered is tainted by nostalgia on the Switch

While the Final Fantasy franchise has long divided even life long fans as to which Final Fantasy is the best and which is the worst, the new remastered version of X ,X-2, and XII have divided new and old fans as to whether Final Fantasy aficionados have been looking at these past titles through the rose tinted lens of nostalgia.

Particularly those gamers who began their journey with the latest game in the franchise, Final Fantasy XV, have been slightly disappointed with some of the lacking features in the remastered versions of the previous games in the franchise.

On the one hand, while the Remasters do a fine job in recreating the Final Fantasy experience with enhanced graphics, critics and gamers alike argue that some of the aspects of these remasters do not translate well for the current generation consoles. These include a lack of auto-save function for the FFX-X-2, which makes one boss encounter particularly painful, as there is no save point right after the draconian boss fight, which resulted in cheap deaths for the unaware newcomers to the numbered series.

Finally, critics pointed out that merely remastering some of these titles may not be enough, therefore there is hope among fans and critics that the upcoming FFVII remake may make the FFVII experience even more enjoyable with some of these quality of life enhancements, such as auto-save, more difficulty sliders, Japanese and English voiceovers for the Western release, alongside graphical enhancements.


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