Days Gone divides gamers and critics

Days Gone, another Play Station exclusive like God of War reboot and Spider-Man, has divided some gamers and game critics as to whether it brings anything new an interesting to the table.

While some gamers harshly criticised the game for being full of bugs which made gameplay either hilarious or too annoying, some game critics pointed out that although the game developers had argued that the game’s version of the ‘zombies’ were really something else, in the end they turned out to be slightly modified zombies.

On the other hand, some gamers argued that the game should be given time as the bugs get patched and the overall experience is improved by the developers, including the uneven graphics, which could even hinder exploration.

Despite its setbacks, some critics likened the game to a post-apocalyptic Red Dead Redemption, which puts the game on part with Rockstar’s high quality Western which received general praise. Some gamers likewise hold that the game should be given a chance as although it does not completely transform the Zombie apocalypse genre, it does have some strengths, such as the horde system, which sees huge swarms of the game’s version of zombies attacking the player. It seems that like in the case of RDR2, console players will see a new batch of reviews looking at the game in retrospect and evaluating it after its initial release, which may change how the game is viewed critically at the present.


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