After so many years, the Sims and Simcity games still divide game

The Sims franchise is a beloved game series that fans and critics have been pouring hours and hours into as they create and recreate virtual versions of their own families or long lost friends. Although gamers have long been discussing what makes them tick when it come to the Sims, a create-a-family game, and Simcity, a city builder, there are some quite dividing opinions regarding which Sims or Simcity game is the best and which is the worst in the series.

As regards the Sims series, most fans are quick to point out that the original is unbeatable in terms of its soundtrack which induces nostalgia and brings back fans every year. However, as the game lacked some features that are present in the later games, such as aging, most fans still prefer the second game in the franchise over the first. Sims 2 is almost universally loved by the fanbase, as it made the first game look outdated and its humour is still being remembered as the best among all the other numbered Sims titles. Finally, Sims 3 is remembered as the first and only truly open world Sims game, and in the sense, it has a strong community that still plays it despite the fact that Sims 4 was released which made some changes to the Sims 3 formula.

Sims 4 is the most divisive title in the franchise that even made some fans drop the series altogether, while some still went back to the old titles to console themselves. What made Sims 4 so divisive is the fact that the game dropped the open world of the third instalment and restricted the player to their house and loading screens between different parts of the game world, which was now smaller than the Sims 3 maps.

As such, the Sims series continue to divide gamers and long time fans, and makes critics wonder whether we will even see a new instalment for the series, as it seems that EA is still churning out new add-ons for the latest instalment, which are often sold for a hefty price.


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