Simcity 2000 is still the most loved game of a dwindling series

Simcity games are city building games that were similar to god games of the 90s, the difference being that the player is given the role of a mayor. Although most recent games such a Cities: Skylines and Tropico have recreated the genre by adding new features and rehauling the city builder philosophy, they still cannot make it like in the heyday of the city builder games.

While Tropico series have been consistently bringing games to city builder fans, they have a different vibe than Simcity games, as they see you take on the role of a customized dictator of a Latin American island, a role that is as disturbing as it is hilarious, as the games have some well-intentioned humour. Despite this, they fail to recreate what made those old titles so gripping and engrossing to the player.

In the same way, although Cities: Skylines is a solid title, it lacks the humour of the Simcity game’s advisors and city denizens, and the steady progress of civilization, which is replicated in the Tropico series.

Therefore, although the city builder genre is still alive and kicking, gamers still go back to those old titles for a return to that old, immersive, city Sim feel that cannot be beaten by new and upcoming titles.


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