New Free Content Made Available for PS Plus Subscribers in May

While critics continue to question the lack of variety in the recent months for Playstation Plus subscribers after support for PS3 games was dropped, there are still some fantastic games that are available to download free on the Playstation Store.

This month sees Attack on Titan 2 demo made available in the Demos section, a solid sequel to the much loved Attack on Titan game on the PS4, itself based on the hugely popular anime by the same name.

There are also Overcooked and What Remains of Edith Finch as full games available to download this month. As always these PS Plus games can be played as long as you have a PS Plus subscription.

There are also some full games that do not necessitate a PS Plus subscription, such as Word of Tanks, and World of Warships, both of which are available to download to any PS4 user.


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