Is the Golden Age of story driven games over? AC Odyssey suggests otherwise

Some long time gamers have long been arguing that the golden age of video games is long over, that games with some solid plot and immersive themes are a thing of the past. This view and prediction has seen supporters over the years as the gaming franchises have been moving further away from well developed plots to churning out DLCs for incomplete stories upon the game’s release.

Some gamers hold that since there is a much greater emphasis on Multiplayer gaming and MMOs, the future of story driven games is bleak and uncertain.

However, the relatively recent release of some games with solid plots and multi-layered stories have rekindled the hope that there is still a chance the golden age of gaming is not over yet, and there is even a possibility that it will get better and better.

Games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, with a huge plot, in depth story lines, several character arches, a complete plot upon release, and satisfying DLCs, increase the chances of this happening in our lifetime.

In the long run, it appears that as a global backlash against lootboxes and multiplayer games with little or no plot intensifies, there is still hope for a return to the arguably best times of gaming, with classics such as the Monkey Island franchise, but with some quite in depth and varied combat to boot.


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