Former President of Sudan, Omar Bashir Reject Food Medication

30-year-long Omar al-Bashir era came to an end, with the army announcing that it took over the government in Sudan on Thursday (April 11th).

President Omar al-Bashir, who was treated for thrombosis (blood clotting) a few days ago in Sudan, refuses to eat and take his medications.

According to information received from Sudanese health officials, Bashir was treated in a hospital because of mild thrombosis and was later taken to his guest house in the capital Khartoum.

Health authorities stated that after the treatment Bashir’s health status has become stable but his psychology is still affected.

The deposed President refuses to eat and take his medication.

The 30-year Omar al-Bashir era ended when demonstrations started in Sudan on December 19 in the wake of the economic crisis, and they quickly turned into nationwide anti-regime protests, and after the demonstrations in front of the army’s headquarters, the army seized power on Thursday.


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