Playstation players shocked to find out Dragon Quest 11 S is the ultimate version of the game coming out on the Nintendo Switch

Gamers who played or planning to play Dragon Quest 11 on the Playstation 4 were utterly surprised when it was announced that the Nintendo Switch version of the game would have additional features that were not included in the versions on the other gaming platforms.

These features include a Japanese voiceover, which is new even for Japanese players of the game, an orchestral soundtrack, the ability to change the view of the game from fully 3D to the traditional overworld view that appeared on the 3DS.

Although these new features divided new and old fans of the game, some critics pointed out that an ultimate version coming out on only one console is nothing new for the series. It is argued by that Nintendo might have financially supported the development of the enhanced version, which explains the Switch exclusivity.

On the other hand, long time fans of the series point out that the Japanese version of the game did not even have any voiceover, and it was over all the most barebones version of the game. In that sense, the Western version of the game was already superior to the original release, with fully voice acted sequences, albeit having only Midi score, unlike the fully orchestrated score of the Switch version. Finally, PS4 players also state that although some new features can make the Switch version superior, the graphics of the PS4 version is still superior to the Switch version, given that the Switch hardware is still inferior compared to the PS4 graphical capabilities.  


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