It is the Age of Remasters and Remakes for the Consoles

While there are some new titles that come out for the consoles every few months, it appears that the number of remasters and remakes far outnumber fresh new titles. With the addition of the Nintendo Switch to the console gaming platforms, the number of remasters and remakes have soared, since the Switch is a bit late to the party, with even some recent titles reappearing on the Switch, such as Dragon Quest XI and Persona 5.

Since the Switch is a recent phenomenon, almost all the numbered titles of the Final Fantasy franchise have started to appear on the Switch, some of which had appeared a few years ago on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles already.

The fact that there are so many remasters and remakes is mainly due to the fact that neither the PS4 nor the Switch have backward compatibility.

This means that most PS3 and Wii-U games get remastered or remade anew, which prompts new players to buy the remastered versions, or stick with the originals if they still have the old consoles that could play the games. However, this is all about to change, as the rumoured PS5 is reported to have the feature of backward compatibility, while the XBox One and the One X already have backward compatibility function for a majority of games that came out for the Xbox 360. How the next Switch will treat backward compatibility will determine the future of remasters for the consoles.


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