Lawyer tortured by presidential guards during prominent wedding attended by President Erdogan in Ankara

According to Can Bursalı of Artı Gerçek, presidential guards tortured a lawyer for two hours during wedding of two famous families where Erdogan was also attending.

Çırağan Street was closed to traffic during the wedding, and when a lawyer passing by asked the police why the road was closed, presidential guards began to beat and threaten him.

The lawyer was beaten in a car for two hours handcuffed and blindfolded, and was later handed over to the police by the presidential guards.

Furthermore, presidential guards prepared an official statement regarding Surenoglu, claiming that he insulted the President. The guards told the lawyer to sign the statement and threatened to continue to torture him if he did not sign it.

The wedding was between Yelda Demiroren, the daughter of Yildirim Demiroren of Demiroren Holding, and Kalyon Group Vice Chairman of the Board Haluk Kalyoncu. Kalyoncu and Demiroren families, who own some of the most followed tabloid newspapers such as Posta and private TV channels in Turkey such as ATV and Kanal D, and known for Demiroren Holding and Kalyon Group, are also known for being very close to President Erdogan.

Istanbul Bar Association President Mehmet Durakoğlu stated that the Istanbul Bar Association will be at the side of Surenoglu during his time at the hospital, and during the court process, and added that the law enforcement officials committed the crime of torture.

Lawyer Sertug Surenoglu, who was detained overnight, was sent to the court on Sunday for insulting the President. Surenoglu’s case was heard at the Criminal Court of Peace, and he has been given the sentence of home confinement by the court judge.

In his statement to the prosecutor’s office, Sürenoğlu said, ’I did not know that President Erdoğan was attending. I just asked why the road was closed. I certainly did not insult the President. The President’s guards tortured me, and I was forced to sign a statement declaring that I insulted the President.’

The presidential guards had previously attacked bystanders at a protest during President Erdogan’s visit to Washington in 2017. American legal authorities opened a case against the guards and they will be arrested if they set foot on American soil. In another incident, in 2017 Erdogan’s niece, who is the head of presidential guards, had threatened motorists in Istanbul and had pulled a gun on them.


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