New Mayor of Izmir, Turkey: ‘We will employ former teachers as police officers’

Soyer had just received his certificate as mayor only two days ago after the local elections.

The newly appointed mayor of Izmir, Tunc Soyer held that the municipality will employ teachers dismissed from their jobs with a decree-law.

Soyer took part in an interview at the İzmir Book Fair and answered some questions regarding his new position. He said that the police are generally employed from sergeants,  and added that they will change this by employing former teachers.  Thousands from different professions were expelled from their jobs with a decree-law, based on the suspicion that they were involved with in the 15 July coup attempt.

“We have to bring democracy to the streets, to the upper districts and back streets by digitizing it with technology. We will focus on democracy as much as production. We have a few concrete objectives in this regard,’ Soner added.

Soner also commented on improvements to the way the municipality worked. ‘The budget of our municipality in detail will be in the pockets of the citizen through their phones. Our route will be democracy and production,’

Soner became the new mayor of Izmir in the local elections that were held across the nation. AKP government had lost the municipalities of Ankara, the capital, and Istanbul, along with other municipalities across Anatolia.


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