Iran flood: dead count reaches 62

The Iranian Armed Forces and the Iranian Red Crescent stated that 67 villages in the state of Khuzistan have been evacuated for the risk of flooding while continuing their relief efforts in the areas affected by the flood.

In Iran as a result of ongoing floods for the last two weeks the death toll has increased to 62, with the number of injured rising to 478.

Iranian Emergency Aid Authority spokesman Mujtaba Khalidi said that due to the floods in Iran caused by heavy rain 62 people died throughout the country. 

Spokesman Khalidi stated that the number of wounded in the southern provinces of Iran is 478, while19 people are still under observation. The Meteorological Institute in Iran gave flood warning for the coming days for Qom, Simnan, Golistan and Kirmanshah and added that the threat of flooding continues for the province of Khuzistan.

Hosein Arifi, the Iranian Red Crescent managing director in Ilam Province, stated that they have provided aid to 5 thousand 300 people who were affected by the flood.

Last night 15 people lost their lives in Iran’s Loristan Province.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Foreign Ministry spokesman Behram Qasimi stressed that the sanctions are ‘economic terrorism’, holding that they cannot bring necessary aid to disaster-stricken areas as a result of the sanctions.


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