Mexico expecting apology from Spain and the Vatican

Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador has sent letters to Spain and the Vatican asking for an official apology for Spain’s occupation of Mexico and its crimes against indigenous peoples of the Americas. Obrador said, ‘There were massacres and oppression. This tyranny, called a conquest, was done with swords and crosses.’

Obrador, the state television, the Spanish kingdom of the Kingdom of Spain with the approval and support of the Vatican in the 1519-1530 years in the American continent of the occupation and against the indigenous peoples for crimes against the Spanish King Felipe 6 and the Catholic Church and the spiritual leader of the Vatican Head of State He told Pope Francis that he had sent a letter requesting an apology.

“Massacres and oppression were carried out. The so-called ‘conquest’ was carried out with swords and crosses,” said Obrador, who used the words of “the conquest” in the southeast of the country. ‘s indigenous rights to the debtors.

According to Sputnik, Obrador recalled that the year 2021 would be the 500th anniversary of the Spanish occupation of the Aztec Empire, the capital of the Aztec empire, the occupation of the Tenochtitlan on the borders of Mexico.

Obrador stressed that the time has come to say that we have come to an agreement with the past. “But first apologize to the bride. I will also apologize because the indigenous peoples continued to be persecuted after the end of the colonial period.”


The Spanish government made a statement on the subject, the letter sent to the public on March 1 to announce the public was recorded.

The content in the letter was rejected, “the Spanish people cannot be judged in the light of contemporary assessments of the Mexican territory today, 500 years ago. It was used.


The Vatican did not give a statement about Lopez’s letter and his words in the video.

In 2015, Pope Francis had apologized for his crimes against the indigenous peoples of America during the Spanish occupation of the Catholic Church.

The occupation of the Aztec empire in the 1519-1530 period of the Kingdom of Spain, referred to as the Spanish Conquest in the Western history, is seen as the most important event that led to the deepening of Spanish colonialism on the continent.


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