Investigation launched into hate speech of Turkish mafia figure

An investigation has been launched into Sedat Peker’s infamous statements for inciting hatred at the ‘Terore Lanet’ (Condemning Terror) demonstration that took place in Rize.

 Rize Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office started an investigation into Peker’s statements made during a demonstration last week.

Peker was invited to Rize last Friday to speak at a rally organized by local newspaper Firtina. Arriving at the demonstration accompanied by his bodyguards, Peker addressed the crowd gathered at the Republic Square.

During the demonstration, Peker criticized the policies of MHP, the main opposition National Movement Party, and praised the ruling AKP’s policies against the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK). Asking those gathered to support the AKP, Peker said, ‘They [MHP] are making a huge mistake. It will be too late when they realise their error. Blood will flow so much so that it will be as if the jugular veins of the world have been were cut.’ These statements of Peker drew harsh criticism from some of the locals for inciting hatred.

In the meantime, Rize Chief Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into Peker’s statements. Rize Police The prosecutor’s office requested information, documents and recordings related to the demonstration organization committee from the Rize Police Department to examine whether there is an element of crime in his speech. Rize Police Department Security Branch Office teams handed over the documents and video records of the demonstration to the prosecutor yesterday.

Peker is known for giving talks that incite hatred against different segments of the society during political demonstrations in Turkey.

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