Apple draws ire regarding charging adapters

After the claim that Apple had deliberately slowed down old i-Phone models, a new claim regarding Apple charging adapters has emerged. Some iPhone users have filed a lawsuit with Apple for the new iOS update allegedly rendering old charging  adapters incompatible with i-Phones.

The slowing down of old iPhone models has become a common problem for all iPhone users. Apple had made a statement about this issue, arguing that as a safety measure each device’s processor speed is automatically slowed down when the battery percentage falls below 80%.

The US company is now facing a new court case, as it is claimed that a new update  renders old charging adapters incompatible with Apple devices. As a result of an investigation conducted in the state of California, it was found that this issue started with the introduction of the iOS 10.1.1 update.

It is claimed that thousands of users are forced to buy a new charging adapter as a result of Apple intentionally rendering old iPhone charging adapters incompatible with the devices. 

When charging adapters began to give incompatibility messages, users were forced to buy new adapters that were twice as expensive. Apple has also increased its profits. At first glance, it seems to be a serious problem for Apple because the company already has a shady record given previous court cases.


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