Taliban in Moscow for Afghanistan talks

It is seen as a new step aimed at ending the 17-year war in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s government representatives did not participate in the talks held at the Russian capital, where a Taliban delegation was present.

Gulam Mohammad Jalal, head of the Afghanistan Diaspora Center in Russia and organizer of the Afghanistan talks in Moscow, said the government representatives in Afghanistan did not come to Moscow.

According to the news on Sputnik, the Taliban, which is a banned organization in Russia, took part in the talks. The total number of participants was over 100.

Jalal stressed that direct talks between the government and the Taliban could only be possible after all foreign powers in the country withdraw their troops.

“After the coalition forces leave Afghanistan, we are confident that all parties will meet with each other,” Jalal said.

The two-day talks in Moscow began today. The talks are seen as a new step in ending the 17-year war in Afghanistan. 


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