Pentagon Report: ISIS may be back in Syria in 12 months

The report, issued by the US Department of Defense, warned that ISIS could resurge in Syria in six to 12 months.

The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) received a warning about ISIS elements in Syria, where US President Donald Trump decided to withdraw its troops.

According to a report prepared by the chief inspector of the US Department of Defense, ISIS could restore its former power in a short time. The report argues that ‘absent sustained pressure, ISIS could likely resurge in Syria within six to twelve months’.

The report, which is based on intelligence from the US Central Forces Command, argues that ISIS has been able to restore its power faster in Iraq compared to Syria.

The Pentagon chief inspector said that the local forces fighting ISIS in both Syria and Iraq continue to rely on the support of the US-led international coalition.

US Inspector General also notes that the Syria Democratic Forces are threatened by Turkey’s military operations, while ISIS is able to pull dozens of foreign fighters into its ranks in Syria and Iraq every month and it continues to collect revenues from abroad.

The Chief Inspector also argues in the report that ISIS would declare the US withdrawal as a “victory” and would attack the American staff during the withdrawal process.

According to the report, ISIS is still strong in the countryside.

I don’t like endless wars. This war. What we’re doing is got to stop at some point,’ Trump had commented on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’.


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