Maduro lashed out at Spanish Prime Minister: History will write you as a fool

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro lashed out at Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who supported Trump’s call for a coup.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who accuses the European Parliament of recognizing the Chairman of the National Assembly, Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela, spoke at a military parade in the north of the country.

“I will preserve my homeland as a legitimate president of this country, if necessary, at the expense of my own life,” Maduro said, venting his anger at Pedro Sanchez for declaring that he does not recognise Maduro as the legitimate ruler of Venezuela. ‘The Spanish government is moving ever closer to a catastrophe. One day, Mr. Pedro Sanchez, your hands will be bloodstained when this intervention is undone, just as Joze Maria Anzar’s hands were covered in  blood in the Iraq war. History will write you as an idiot who became a puppet of Donald Trump’s interventionism.’

Spain’s former prime minister Joze Maria Anzar had supported the US-led invasion of Iraq, and his decision was harshly criticized in the ensuing years in his own country.


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