Recent study finds that genes affect timing of sleep

Experts say that genes affect the timing of sleep, not its quality or duration.

In a study conducted in the United Kingdom and the United States, it was concluded that early birds have better mental health than those who prefer to stay in bed for longer.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a research on the relationship between the natural body clock and genetic structure found significant parallels between waking up early and general mental health.

The report emphasized that in previous researches, there was a relationship between being a morning person and mental health, but this was explained by the fact that early birds  have better control over their daily schedules.

However, in a joint study of the University of Exeter and Massachusetts General Hospital, it was found that genes play a larger role.

Experts emphasize that genes affect the timing of sleep, not the quality or duration.

The body clock is influenced by nutritional habits, exposure to artificial light, occupation and general activities as well as genes.


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