Indonesian fruit Durian sold for $1000

It has been reported that 2 fruits have been sold since the weekend

A rare type of durian is being sold for $ 1,000 in Indonesia. The price of the fruit with a bad smell is more than three times the minimum wage in the country.

The “J Queen” variant of durian was sold for 14 million Indonesian rupees at a shopping centre in the city of Tasikmalaya in West Java.

The minimum wage in Indonesia is 3 million 940 thousand rupees.

According to the Guardian, the supermarket where the fruit was sold was flooded by people who wanted to have their photos taken with the fruit.

It has been reported that 2 fruits have been sold since the weekend.


Durian is considered to be a very special fruit in many parts of Southeast Asia.

“J Queen” variant was first produced by 32-year-old psychology graduate named Aka, who grafted two different durian species.

According to Aka, the “J Queen” tree gives fruit every 3 years.

While the normal durian fruit’s shape is flat, J Queen is circular with a golden yellow hue, and is said to have a taste similar to the mixture of peanuts and butter.

The normal durian fruits are sold for 2000 Indonesian Rupees (about $ 15).


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