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Artists protest Eurovision for decision to hold the event in Israel

More than 50 artists, including Roger Waters and Ken Loach, called on the BBC to pressure Eurovision.

More than 50 artists, including Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, and Mike Leigh, have called on the BBC to pressure the European Broadcasting (EBU) to stop Eurovision from taking place in Israel.

In their open letter to the BBC, published in the Guardian newspaper, the artists expressed their concern over Israel’s human rights violations against the Palestinians.

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest was won by singer Netta Barzilai, representing Israel.

The contest will be held in Tel Aviv in May.

Some lines from the open letter to the BBC are as follows:

‘Eurovision may be light entertainment, but it is not exempt from human rights considerations – and we cannot ignore Israel’s systematic violation of Palestinian human rights.’

 ‘BBC is bound by its charter to ‘champion freedom of expression’. It should act on its principles and press for Eurovision to be relocated to a country where crimes against that freedom are not being committed.’


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