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40 thousand-year-old plant fossils were found under glaciers

On the island of Baffin in Alberta, Canada, 40,000-year-old plant fossils were found under glaciers melting with global warming.

Research by the science team led by Simon Pendleton, a professor at the University of Colorado, was published in the journal Nature Communications.

Pendleton said that with the plant fossils found it would be possible to reach information about the local climate 40.000 years ago.

The research in the region should be done fairly quickly and regularly, Simon Pendleton said.  ‘When these plants appear, they are soon removed by wind or water. There is a race against time to get the data because the North Pole is now warming up 2-3 times faster than the rest of the world, so the glaciers naturally melt faster.’

Baffin Island is the fifth largest island in the world dominated by deep cut fjords with high altitude, and low relief plateaus. However, due to global warming, the region has been losing its characteristics.


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