Witch hunt in India: Mother and her four children killed for alleged ‘sorcery’

Six people were detained in the incident.

In Orissa, India, a mother and her four children who were accused of practicing sorcery were killed by a mob with axes and sticks. Six people were detained in the incident.

Police officials said that the bodies of Mangri Munda and her children were found in a well in the village of Sundergarh on 26 January. Police say it is possible that more people are involved.

The senior police official, Kavita Jalan, in a statement, said that the main instigator of the attack has identified himself as a breaker of spells.

This unnamed person is said to have accused Munda of casting a spell on another family in the village.

On January 25, a group of men entered the house in the middle of the night where Munda and her children aged 1, 4, 7 and 12 years old slept, and they killed the mother and the children in their sleep. the assailants threw the bodies of the mother and her children into a nearby well after they killed them with sticks and axes.

It is common for women to be stigmatized as witches in villages controlled by local tribes in India.


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