Governor banned hunting endangered animals in Dersim, Turkey

Despite protests from the locals in Dersim, hunters had kept hunting wild animals that faced extinction..

HDK spokesperson and HDP Muş MP Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit has brought up this issue in the Parliament.

Koçyiğit asked the Minister of Environment and Urbanization the identities of the people who hunt the lynx and other endangered animals in Dersim.

The people of Dersim have been trying to make their voices heard against the hunting of wild animals that they consider sacred.

The people of Dersim and HDP have finally managed to end the killing.

The governor’s office announced that the hunting of goats and other wild animals such as lynx, otter, brown bear, grouse and wolf has now been prohibited.

In a written statement made by the Governorate, it is stated that the region is home to one of the most diverse plant species and wildlife in Turkey. The statement added that after hunters from Tunceli have killed some of the wild goats, they have been identified and the necessary penalties will be applied in their case. Wild goats and other endangered animals are very important for our region and we will continue to protect them, the statement said.

The governor’s office stated that administrative action will be taken on those who do not comply with the decision.


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