EU: Brexit agreement not open for negotiation

EU Brexit Negotiator: The EU’s attitude is very clear, and its institutions are in solidarity.

European Union (EU) Brexit Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier said that there was no change in the attitude of the union, regarding the proposal of the British parliament to replace the precautionary principle with an alternative mechanism.

Briefing before the Brexit session in Brussels, which will be held in the European Parliament in Brussels, Barnier said, “The attitude of the EU is very clear; the institutions are in solidarity. The agreement we made with the UK is very clear. We are not against the UK.’

Barnier added that, the EU Commission President Jean-Claude AP will make a statement on the subject today at the European Parliament.

MESSAGE FROM THE European Parliament

EP Brexit Negotiator Guy Verhofstadt said, “It is not possible to reopen the current Brexit agreement to negotiation, but we can address future relations.”

Verhofstadt argued that the precautionary principle a “safeguard” to make sure a physical boundary between Northern Ireland and the EU member Republic of Ireland is not built following Brexit. Verhofstadt pointed out that  this matter will play a decisive role in the future relationship between the UK and the EU as well.

Verhofstadt stated that the extension of the Brexit process would harm both businesses and citizens and added that more instability should be avoided. 


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