Indian woman beaten by her mother-in-law for entering holy temple

Kanaka Durga was beaten and taken to hospital by her mother-in-law after entering Sabarimala, one of the most sacred temples of Hinduism. 
In addition, the mother of two children after being discharged from the hospital has been rejected by her family and began to stay at a shelter. 

 “I will not apologize to anyone. I have never wronged anyone. No one, neither my husband nor my brother prevent me from entering my house,’ she said.A police officer stated that Kanaka Durga had filed a petition with the Perinthalmanna court under the Domestic Violence Law and had the right to remain at her husband’s house. She is waiting for a court decision to return home.  
   Hindus clashed with the police after an all-women protest near the temple, arguing that the temple has been polluted by the women. On the same day, some 5 million women formed a 620 kilometers long human chain to emphasize equality between men and women. 

More than 100 people were injured in a clash in Kerala province where the temple is located.


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