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Transgender individuals will not be recruited in the US army

The US Constitutional Court has approved a Presidential Decree, which prohibits the army from enlisting transgender individuals into the US military.

US President Donald Trump has approved a Presidential Decree which prohibits the transgender individuals from being recruited in the US military.

Donald Trump, who announced that transgender individuals would not be able to join the army on Twitter, sent a directive to the US Department of Defense at the beginning of August and demanded that the existing legislation that allowed transgender individuals to join the army and covered the medical costs related to gender change on the part of the US army should be changed.

The White House said this decision was taken on the advice of former US Defense Secretary James Mattis and military experts. 

The rationale for this decision was that the situation posed a serious risk for the efficiency of the soldiers serving in the army, but it was stated that exceptions could be applied in certain circumstances.

The Washington District Court had announced that they had suspended President Trump’s decision to ban transgender people from joining the army and the covering of their treatment costs by the US military. 


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