Israel: Our main enemy is Iran

Our army is fighting with the Iranian army in Syria,” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu in a recent statement said that the only army fighting Iran is the Israeli army in Syria. ‘Iran is the main enemy we are facing,’ Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu evaluated the latest developments in Syria and the Gaza Strip following the military drill at the Shizafon military base.

‘Iran is aiming to destroy Israel with nuclear weapons,’ Netanyahu claimed.

Netanyahu said that Iran has established an outpost in Lebanon via Hezbollah and wanted to establish a new base in Syria.

We are committed to fighting all of these groups. We are bombing the Iranian army in Syria. The only army fighting with the Iranian army in Syria is ours. The main enemy we face is Iran,’ Netanyahu added.

Netanyahu also mentioned the latest developments in Gaza during his speech.

Expressing that Israel is ready for any kind of scenario, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, ‘There could be people who wish to rise against us. They should know that our response will be deadly and agonising.’

The Israeli army announced yesterday that its soldiers on the border were fired at by a sniper from Gaza and a soldier was slightly injured. After this incident, the Israeli army hit Gaza with tank fire, and one Palestinian was killed and one was wounded.

Israeli warplanes hit a number of targets belonging to the Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military wing north of Gaza last night.

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