Next week’s Brexit vote will not decide the country’s fate, according to Downing Street

It has been implied that the vote to be held to find a solution for the Brexit quagmire next week will not be meaningful given the fact that Theresa May is still looking for a possible solution.

According to the spokesman for May, the second vote to be held on 29 January will likely be more useful in discussing a number of solutions with the opposition and come to a common decision.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman has stated the the talks are an ongoing process.

“But it is clear already that a significant number of colleagues have expressed concerns about the backstop and that is one of the areas we are going to be looking at. In her statement after the results of the vote last week, she said she would be exploring the concerns of MPs and ideas they were bringing forward, and if necessary discussing those with the EU,’ he added.

Downing Street points to another vote to be held until February, which will reportedly be more conclusive.

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