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New dinosaur fossil key to understanding why some dinosaurs became gigantic creatures

Sarahsaurus, the key to the secret of giant dinosaurs, has been discovered almost intact, except for the skull.

The fossil could explain why herbivores became so huge by the time the non-flying dinosaurs became extinct. The plant eating dinosaurs were towering creatures that were peerless, as they were the largest and still keep the record of being the heaviest and biggest animals that have roamed the earth, some weighing up to 100 tonnes.

However, scientists have yet to discover why and how they became so huge.

This is about to change, as the fossil of sarahsaurus can tell us the reasons as to why this happened. According to paleontologist Adam Marsh, “Sarahsaurus preserves in its anatomy the anatomical changes that were happening in the Late Triassic and Early Jurassic that were occurring in the evolutionary lineage. It can help tell us how getting big happens.”

The research on Sarahsaurus has been funded by the Jackson School of Geosciences and the National Science Foundation, while fossil’s components were extracted with the permission of Navajo Nation Minerals Department.

The director of the collection that includes the fossil of Sarahsaurus, Matthew Brown held that “The specimens are well preserved in three dimensions and remarkably complete, which is very rare in the fossil record.’

 “Such complete specimens help paleontologists better understand the fragmentary and incomplete fossils remains we typically find,’ he added.


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