Microsoft and Sony in fierce competition over next gen machines

Microsoft is in full gear to compete with Sony in the upcoming console wars to see who is going to win in the long run. In the case of Xbox One, Sony early move had cost them a whole generation when Sony had responded to Microsof’s move with a powerful blow in the shape of PS4 and PS4 Pro.

However, with the sheer power of the Xbox One X, with full 4K support, Microsoft seems to be leading the competition, at least on the hardware side of things. Because Sony with its exclusives has completely trumped Microsoft which is often criticised for lacking quality exclusives. Furthermore, Sony’s advantage of being the king of the Japanese market with a lot of Japanese exclusives on PS4 seems to do little good to Microsoft in its battle for domination.

Just looking at a random list of exclusives show the Sony console’s true power:

Last of Us: Part 2

Days Gone

Death Stranding

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Uncharted Series

Until Dawn


The Last Guardian

Nier: Automata

Persona 5


Yakuza Series

God of War Series

Gravity Rush Series

The list goes on, but even if we forego some of the titles, it is apparent that Sony is really the best platform for gamers interested in console exclusives in a variety of genres, with the first three titles not yet released. What’s more, some of the titles listed are a whole series of games, with some of them having almost ten games in the series, such as the Yakuza series.

In this sense, it is undoubtedly necessary for Microsoft to at least focus on half a dozen exclusives to make a difference and to create the most powerful machine for gaming to win the competition. Given Sony is reportedly working with AMD to create a monster rig for PS5, it will surely not going to be an easy task.


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