Australian streamer whose parents couldn’t recognise Paul Pogba on a train went mad

Nate Patrick was utterly in shock when he realised that his parents was offered to appear in a photo with world famous footballers, but his parents couldn’t recognise them.

Patrick, who is a famous streamer and eSports commentator in Australia, wrote frantic messages on watsapp to his parents to show his astonishment.

Patrick’s parents were disturbed by the noise that was coming from the table where Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matic were playing a round of UNO. When the couple pointed out that the noisy game is disturbing them, the world famous footballers said they were sorry and told them that they can have a photo together to compensate. However, the couple was baffled because they had no idea who they were.

In the watsapp messages exchanged between Patrick and his parents, Patrick expressed his shock by writing everythingi in caps.

When his father asked him on watsapp, ‘OK Nath, who is this?’,  the excited streamer responded, ‘The man with his arm around dad is Paul Pogba, the most expensive footballer in the world, and World Cup winner with France.’ 


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