VR Technology might become a turning point in the entertainment industry

With several technology companies releasing their own Virtual Reality gear, the headsets that are so often relegated to the position of a gimmick could become the next big thing in interactive entertainment.

Virtual Reality has been a buzz word for decades, but only in recent years we have seen a surge in VR headsets for PC and consoles. While PC VR development started earlier and has become more advanced, the later released PS VR has surpassed the PC headsets in affordability and branding.

Now Sony has apparently started to place immense focus on the VR in the shape of a large number of VR games, including VR enhanced and indie titles.

Games like the Mage’s Tale, Moss and Tetris Effect point to the new direction in PS VR, in supporting several titles to boost PS VR and improve the VR experience.

A recently released new VR gadgets that allow better movement and a sense of space, VR technology has never felt so close to the future as today.


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