HDP MPs conduct hunger strike at the Turkish Parliament

According to the explanation made by the HDP Headquarters, ‘After the HDP Mersin headquarters were raided and those on hunger strike were arrested, we made the decision to conduct a three-day long hunger strike.’ The strike will start on Monday in some cities including Diyarbakir.

10 MPs, among them Pervin Buldan, co-chairman of HDP, will go on a hunger strike on Tuesday after the caucus at the Parliament to support Leyla Guven who was herself on a hunger strike. The hunger strike at the Parliament will last for two days.

Regarding the hunger strike, Pervin Buldan spoke to reporters saying, ‘In solidarity with and support for Leyla Guven’s hunger strike, we are going to go on a hunger strike at the Parliament for two days. Guven is the only MP at this time who is under arrest. Therefore, this strike has particular importance, but the Parliament is dead silent about this. I think the fact that an MP who is under arrest is on a hunger strike should be on the agenda of the Parliament. We are doing this for two days to support her and to attract attention to her hunger strike. I hope everyone fulfils their responsibility and their mission in this regard. The chairperson and the other parties should break their silence and should at least say something.’

The MPs of cities with more than two MPs will be on hunger strike in their constituencies, and at cities with two or less MPs, the MPs will be on hunger strike on Tuesday at the Parliament.

Leyla Güven, who has been under arrest since 31 January 2018, had been elected MP for Hakkari while in prison at the 24 June elections.

Guven had begun her hunger strike to ‘protest the absolute isolation imposed on PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan’. HDP organisations across different cities had shown support to Guven’s hunger strike. Since 27 November, several political prisoners and convicts have been engaging in protests.


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