Therese May told that a soft Brexit could mean disaster for the Tories

Philip Lee, former Tory minister, told Theresa May that a compromise might cause Brexiteers to be enraged.

In the meantime, Jeremy Corbyn still refuses to meet May until she gives up the option of a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Dr Lee who had resigned from government after the Brexit deal, has said that a soft Brexit would mean that the government MPs would not be able to agree on anything, leading to further fractions within the party. When he was asked regarding the possibility of including the customs union as part of the compromises, Dr Lee argued that “The idea they can entertain a customs union, a full customs union, and the European Research Group (ERG) are going to explode. I can’t see it myself.

‘And I think actually if they go down the path of reaching out this is the major problem with the Norway option. If people are talking about party splits, I think that has the potential to split the party much more than this,’ he added.

Brandon Lewis, the chairman to the party held that the UK is not in a position to stay in a customs union, arguing that it would be “something that people would feel is not delivering Brexit,’ in an interview with the Today programme.

On the other hand, the chief secretary to the Treasury Liz Truss commented in her statements made to ITV, that she does ‘not support being in a customs union.

“I think it’s hugely problematic and I don’t believe that many of my colleagues in the Conservative party support it,’ she said.

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