New AMD technology will reportedly power up the next gen Sony console

AMD, the chip making company based in the US famous for its powerful GPUS, will reportedly help build Sony’s next generation console with its powerful CPU and GPU, some of the most competitive in the technology market.

It is argued that the next gen Sony system will feature a AMD Navi GPU chip, which would make it outclass any other system that would try to beat Sony in its own game.

AMD did not announce any new GPU at this year’s Computex, which also increased suspicions.

In March last year, a report was circulating arguing that developers already had access to the PS5 development kits. The report comes from Marcus Sellars, who made a name for leaking technology related news.

According to WCCFtech, Navi is being designed for Sony. “Here is a fun fact: Vega was designed primarily for Apple and Navi is being designed for Sony – the PS5 to be precise,” the report states, right before going on to explain AMD’s roadmap for Navi and how it’s dependent on Sony. This meant that the graphics department had to be tied directly to the roadmap that these semi-custom applications followed. Since Sony needed the Navi GPU to be ready by the time the PS5 would launch (expectedly around 2020) that is the deadline they needed to work on.”

While the PS5 will need to support 4K at 60 fps given the current gen consoles’ power, it may not come out before 2020, given Sony’ tradition of supporting their current gen consoles throughout their ‘life cycle’.


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