Haemochromatosis claims more lives in the UK

Few people know about the disease, but it causes more deaths than previously known, according to health specialists. Haemochromatosis’ common signs are diabetes arthritis, while it also causes failure of the liver. It causes all this by making the body absorb more iron than it needs from food items.

Researchers hold that the reason of the diseases is a faulty gene passed from the parent to the child. They have conducted a research on the number of people who were ill or have died with or without haemochromatosis, for more than seven years.

Public Health England stated that they ‘really welcome this study and think the work will be clinically very important as the results could have implications for clinical practice and help us find people much earlier, before significant damage is done.

‘This work shows the real benefit to the population of linking academic research to policy and clinical practice,’ Prof Debra Lapthorne of Public Health England said.


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