Victim praised the ‘great technique’ of phone snatchers in London

Michael Timbs, sports journalist, has recently had his phone snatched by a group riding on bikes. Timbs praised the thieves for their riding skills. In his post on social media, Timbs wrote, ‘just had my phone stolen walking back home ffs. Two geezers on bikes emulating the GB 4x100m team in the 2017 World Champs. Very clean exchange on the bend, no fumbling or loss of speed. Great technique to be fair. I just hope the t**** enjoy my phone. There’s some quality content on there, and maybe a cheeky semi-nude from yours truly in the camera roll too. If you use my apple pay, remember I like fruit and veggie pret.’

The famous sports journalist did not mention the location of the theft in his post. Phone snatches have been on the rise in the capital in recent years. To counteract the offences, the police started to use a technique called ‘tactical contact’ which involves ramming the offenders riding away on their bikes.

Last year alone, there were more than 23.000 offences involving moped offences and phone snatches, a huge rise from 827 recorded in 2012.


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