The US and North Korea summit

The US and North Korea had a summit recently that changed the course of the strained relations between the two countries, which makes it necessary to look at how things changed that led to the summit.

During World War Two, the Korean Peninsula was split in two, and Northern Korea soon turned to a more authoritarian, communist rule. As a result of isolation, it quickly resorted to developing nuclear armaments to ward off potential future invasions. North Korea has so far carried out six nuclear tests in the past. According to North Korean authorities, one of them was a nitrogen bomb. Another claim made by North Korea is that they have made a nuclear bomb that can be carried by a long-range missile. In the face of such threats, the UN, the US and the European Union resorted to imposing sanctions on the country. 

The talks came as a surprise to the international community, as the rising tension made it seem impossible for the heads of the two countries to come together on equal terms. However, it is a well knownfact that North Korea was never completely closed to the idea of negotiation. And in the first month of 2018, Kim Jong Un came forward and announced that he is ‘open to dialogue’. After this announcement, President Trump did not put in place any condition prior to the talks, which increased the chances of them happening. China’s backing the sanctions also forced North Korea’s hand to sit down and negotiate. In April North Korean and South Korean leaders came together and agreed to put anend to the Korean War.

They decided to‘denuclearise the peninsula’ in their own word, however, they did not elaborate nor come to an agreement on the meaning of their words. Following these developments, North Korea stopped doing further nuclear tests and demolished its nuclear research site. Afterwards, on June 12, Donald Trump met with Kim Jong Un, a first for an American president. During the summit, the North Korean leader expressed his commitment to denuclearisation.


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