Sir Cliff Richard won court battle against BBC

Sir Cliff Richard has won 200.000 pounds after he had sued the BBC for infringing his privacy. The BBC had shown the 77 year old singer’s home live during a police raid amongst child abuse allegations. When Sir Richard learned that he is not going to face any charges, he sued the BBC for violating his privacy and the police for damaging his professional career.

Despite the BBC arguing that it had a ‘strong journalistic right’ to air the raid on television, Sir Richard won the case. Mr Justice Mann, talking about the need to compensate the damage done, said: Sir Cliff had privacy rights in respect of the police investigation, and that the BBC infringed those rights without a legal justification. It did so in a serious way and also in a somewhat sensationalist way.’

Sir Richard talked about the emotional toll of the allegations on his life after he won the case, saying: ‘I felt as though everything I had worked for during my life – trying to live as honestly and honourably as I could – was being torn apart. I felt forever tainted. I still do.’


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