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Saudi troops’ assault on Houthi forces in Hudaydah continues

Saudi troops started an assault on Houthi forces in Hudaydah, Yemen. The Battle of Al Hudaydah, also known as Operation Golden Victory, is a major Saudi-led coalition assault on Al Hudaydah. The attack is led by the UAE and Saudi Arabia and is thought to be the largest since the first Saudi interventions in Yemen that started in 2015. 
The assault began on 13 June 2018 with the aim of dislodging Houthi forces from the port, with the main objective being to capture the city of Al Hudaydahfrom the hands of the Houthis and end the weapons supplies that are channelled to the Houthis through the use of the port.
Since the port has a the significant role of delivering large quantities of food and aid to Yemen, humanitarian groups have expressed a serious concern for the possible humanitarian consequencesof the assault. The UN has led a continuous attempted effort to obtain control of Al Hudaydahport from Houthi control and move it under its jurisdiction. Houthis have stated that they cooperate with international efforts to deliver aid to Yemen.The UN warned that the assault could be a serious threat to 300,000 children living in the area and could potentially prevent food from being deliveredto millions of other people.


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