Ronaldo and FIFA 19 controversy

Ronaldo, the world acclaimed footballer who is one of the very best, if not the best footballer around the globe, has been chosen to be the cover start for FIFA 19. However, that isn’t the whole news, as he was also going to take part in the story more of FIFA 19 called Journey. However, things didn’t go as planned. 
This is because Ronaldo has transferred to Juventus only recently, for £99.2 million English pounds. The covers of the game can be changed, but what is harder to change is the fact that, and this is spoiler territory, he was part of a big element of the story mode where Ronaldo and Real Madrid play an important part in the career of Alex Hunter, the protagonist of the story mode. 
Since Ronaldo takes a big part in the cutscenes of the section, it will be hard to change those scenes. Therefore, the transfer must have caused a big headache for the game developers at EA. 


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