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Richard Bacon out of coma

Richard Bacon came out of coma of ten nights after an infection hit him on a flight from the States. The 42 year old presenter was hospitalised and put into a coma to be able to fight the infection. He also thanked his wife through a twitter post: “Last full day in hospital. Every facet of my life would be worse without Rebecca in it. How will I ever thank her. I was in a coma for nine or ten nights (I just learned). That’s a lot of staring at your husband and his pipes. And a lot of worry.’

Bacon was born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, who went to become the presenter of the children’s show Blue Peter. Bacon also presented on BBC Radio Nottingham, The Big Breakfast, Top of the Pops, BBC Radio 5 live and BBC 6 Music.

In some tweets later deleted, Bacon shed some light on the sudden calamity of having to endure a coma after being struck by pneumonia:

“So, I did six days straight in a coma. Been here another four since.

“It’s an (as) yet unidentified double chest infection. I nearly died.

“At one point, as I was run down a hallway to ICU (an intensive care unit) at midnight, with a massive needle jammed in my chest – bit like Pulp Fiction – I thought, ‘This is it.'”

Bacon also thanked the NHS and Lewisham Hospital he stayed at.


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