North Korea news: Kim Jong Un won’t give up nukes, according to CIA

While Donald Trump keeps an open door for a possible meeting with the North Korean leader, a CIA report holds that the country is not willing to destroy its nukes yet. 

According to the report, North Korea is in no way giving up its nuclear armaments. The news came when after rejecting to meet the North Korean leader, American President Donald Trump was still willing to meet with Kim Jong Un during a nuclear summit. Trump was recorded saying that the country was on its way to nuclear disarmament.

After reading the CIA report, an intelligence official commented it is a well-known fact that the North is not giving up its nuclear programme. 
The report also included interesting details about North Korea’s take on improving relations with the US, claiming that Kim Jong Un was planning to make an offer of opening a fast food joint in Pyongyang, to improve relations between North Korea and the US. 

The report further holds that instead of attempting to convince North Korea to destroy its nukes, convincing them to retract their current development would be a better option. 

Donald Trump had cancelled the nuclear summit to be held on 12 June, but recently retracted his decision and held that he may still take part in the talks. 

On the other hand, an expert on the subject argued that it may take upwards of a decade and a half to completely dismantle North Korea’s nuclear armaments. According to Prof Hecker from Stanford, the process can take more than 15 years. The CIA report holds that the United States can assist North Korea in improving their infrastructure and agriculture, as a possible incentive to give up its nuclear programme. The report further details aid possibilities from the US to North Korea, such as delivering food products as part of helping North Korean agriculture. 


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