No Micro-transactions for Shadow of War

Middle Earth: Shadow of War has no micro-transactions anymore. ​The developers of Shadow of War, the sequel to critically acclaimed Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, decided to pull out all micro-transactions that could be done in-game, in a move that left fans that garnered mixed reactions from fans of the franchise. While some welcomed the decision to remove all micro-transactions, others thought that this was a move that came a bit too late, since the game has been around for a long time. Among the fan base, one thing was clear: that no one thought that micro-transactions have a place in modern gaming.

Shadow of War also received a number of other updates, and to showcase those novel features, they have now released a new demo on the PlaystationStore. Whether the new demo will sell more copies to newcomers is questionable, as the number of new IPs and sequels to existing franchises have been increasing, with Shadow of War vying for attention among new titles. However, the new updates are good news for fans of the Middle Earth franchise overall, since they demonstrate that developers still care for and continue to support their games. Therefore in the larger scheme, the removal of micro-transactions from Shadow of War is a welcome addition and a practice that should be followed by other game franchises as well.


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